What Happens When We Face Fear

“To do or not to do?” Our minds tell us no, that we might mess up, that we might disappoint, and that it is just too risky – we are fearful. The prospect of failure in the face of uncertainty gives us a reason to hold back, and so we let our fears consume us as we decide it best to stay within our comfort zones. 

However, when we choose not to face our fears, what we may fail to realise is that we are actually validating them giving them the power to grow, to have a stronger hold on us, and to keep us from living our best lives. Our fears are made up of past experiences that have created the references to the limiting beliefs we have now, and when we allow them to, they are powerful enough to keep us from grabbing the opportunities in front of us. Fortunately, a life lived without fear is something that is completely possible for all of us, and achieving this involves recognising what we may find beyond our comfort zones.

Generally speaking, most people associate the idea of stepping out of their comfort zone with a negative feeling, but it is also universally recognised that when we push through it, it ultimately leads to feelings of pride, satisfaction, and an overall sense of happiness. When we allow ourselves to feel our fears and face them head-on, we are able to have a positive, enriching experience that we can grow from. While we are uncertain of its end result, we know that at the end of the day, victorious or not, choosing to take that risk rewards us with an invaluable learning experience to carry for a lifetime.

Here is a short video from a recent Empower U Program where we have a conversation around fear and what it means to push through it and do the task anyway. 

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