Launching into 2019 with the 5-Day Camp

The Most Challenging Event In Our History
Well it’s now been a week since we finished our January 2019 5-Day Camp. This is the most advanced event we run and is only open to graduates of the Empower U weekend program. This was the 19th Camp in Tomorrow’s Youth’s History, and was one of the most challenging camps we have ever run for a variety of reasons. That being said, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward, and this camp was certainly a rewarding and enriching experience for all the participants and the team.

So what makes the 5-Day Camp so different from The Empower U Program? Empower U focuses on teaching a variety of strategies and concrete lessons in the areas of Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Creativity, Emotional IQ, Social Media Etiquette, Money & Finance and Career Guidance. It is very content focused with a handful of experiential moments we like to call “Processes”. Ultimately it is the processes that are most challenging, confronting and ultimately empowering.

The 5-Day Camp flips that completely around. We have a little bit of concrete strategies taught, but the week predominantly comprises experience based learning through multiple “Processes” every day. We essentially take the theory taught at Empower U and put it into practical experiences to really embed the teachings and deliver massive breakthroughs.

Of course every participant had their own best things or moments from the camp. Read below to hear from some participants about their best things…

“The Best Part of camp was the Michael Adamedes process (Dynamic Meditation). For me it showed that I can do anything. I broke my mental walls, so I am now unable to give myself an excuse not to do something”

– Andrew McIntosh

“The best part of camp was the firewalk for me! As I was so emotionally invested in my board, seeing it be burnt and walking across it truly helped cement my commitment to action in achieving what I wrote about.

– Alicia Alarcon

“The best part of camp for me was the board break. It was the most emotional and invested i’ve been in a board break. I couldn’t break it standing and broke it on the chair, which showed me just how hard i’ll have to work at some things and to not give up. It was also a good reminder that if the first strategy you try isn’t working, changing it may be the best thing you could do.

– Claudia Schulz

“My best part of camp was the mission statement process. Having put down the word determination on my card, the importance of determination could not be more evident to me then now. There were many times I just wanted to stop, and hearing that I was the only person left… I felt so alone and useless, but I still kept going, and I eventually got to my statement. This process really showed me that although you will be faced with challenges in life, big or small, everyone will get to where they want to be if they just keep pursuing their dreams.

– Riley Simpson

Below is also a video highlighting some of the best moments from camp. Please take the time to watch the video and see the incredible breakthroughs, lessons, and fun we share at camp.  

For more information about The 5-Day Camp and Two Years Tuition program, give us a call on 1300 039 662 or email bookings@tomorrowsyouth.com.au. 

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