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What If You Could Give Your Kids a Better Life, Even in These Uncertain Times?

There Are Three Main Hurdles That  Trap Teens

Which One Is Keeping Your Child Stuck?


No Direction Or Motivation Low Confidence or Self-Esteem No Community or Supportive Friends
 They don’t seem to know what they want or how to get there. You can see all their potential, if only they would put in a little effort … It’s so frustrating! It’s like they’ve given up and don’t even try. You know they’re capable, if only they had a little self-belief. They need a good push but when you try, they see it as nagging. Their friends all seem to be in the same boat. They’re not bad kids, but non of them seem to be positive and supportive of each other.  

We Hear It All The Time

We meet a ton of teens who are full of brilliant ideas and really want to succeed in life, but they can’t seem to get out of their own way. They’re either…

1. Struggling to find direction, unsure where they’re going, or how to get there and overwhelmed by pressure to achieve


2. Lacking the confidence and motivation to achieve their goals which is keeping them from growing for months (cough… years).

Imagine …

Imagine your child going from struggling to being able to see their abilities, talents and opportunities

Imagine them going from negative and pessimistic to a go-getter who sets and achieves goals.

Imagine if they could see the potential you see in them!

I’m Brent Williams And I’m Here To Empower Young People

I’ve been helping teens and young people change their lives for over 20 years. 

So many parents are amazed at the transformation that can happen in only a few hours. But when you have the right team, with the right attitude, we really can change lives.

We hear things like, “Empower u is the best thing I’ve experienced in my entire life this program has changed my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it ❤️”

We teach simple yet powerful success principles at Empower U. These principles transform the way young people think, and by changing how they think, we can change how they act.

We share how to take accountability, responsibility, and ownership for decisions and behaviours, and how to build the mental resilience to overcome any obstacles.

We all want our kids to be happy, responsible and resilient, and we share the secrets to achieving that in our programs.


Welcome To Virtual Empower

Virtual Empower U is our premium half-day online event where we hand over the proven ingredients needed to empower your teenager.

Virtual “events” have completely taken over in the last 2 years… but can you really call an online training an “event”?

Virtual Empower U is like NOTHING else on the planet. This isn’t just a Zoom meeting or a webinar – it’s a fully  immersive, engaging, energy-pumping experience that will shake your teens out of old patterns and habits, create breakthroughs and be the catalyst for change in every area of their life.

With over 20 years of proven results, there’s no one on the planet who’s better at guiding your teen through transformation than Brent and his team.

By the end of the program they will:

✔️ discover the power to break through any limitation and overcome any challenge

✔️ discover how to think creatively and take responsibility for their own actions.

✔️ develop the confidence to achieve their goals and reach their full potential

Virtual Empower U is the greatest online personal growth event for teens in history – it’s not motivation, inspiration or some empty “pump up.” It’s concrete tools and strategies to rewire teen brains for transformation that you can’t get anywhere else.

You OWE it to your child to join Brent and his team so they can crush their limitations.

NOW is their time to build their confidence so they can achieve the goals they desire most, and take control of thier life.

Make the decision now for your teens to join the Virtual Empower U for this epic, life-changing experience.

What Does a Virtual Empower U Look Like?

What Parents Think

After attending Empower U, my son’s sense of entitlement had disappeared, he was “present” and connected. He was mindful of the actions and feelings of those around him. And best of all, he was motivated and focused on his goals. I was BLOWN AWAY!

Annemarie C.

I highly recommend this program for any parent who would like to see their kids excel physically, emotionally and mentally in their lives and achieve outcomes far beyond their expectations. Brent teaches them thought processes and ways of handling the challenges that life throws at them. This program helps set kids up to excel in life.

Greg D.

I have recommended Empower U to so many parents and teenagers, and those that go are never disappointed. (The participants) learn about self-worth, communicating more effectively with others, being open and honest, taking on responsibility, setting and reaching goals, making money, making the most out of life, enjoying life, and lots more. A very powerful program…

Robyn B.

I completed the Empower U program at 14 years old (I am now almost 30) and I can safely say that the program changed the trajectory of my life for the better. I’m now running a business doing what I love all because I learnt the fundamentals of personal, professional and financial development so young. I highly recommend the program to any parent that is wanting to help their child be the best they can.

Jess L.

What’s Inside Virtual Empower U?

Our Premium, Half Day Event where participants:

  1. Learning to take accountability, responsibility, and ownership for their decisions and behaviours, and discover how to change their thoughts so they change their results (Value: $497)
  2. Discover the formula to success used by top athletes, entrepreneurs, and peak performance psychologists (Value $297)
  3. Discover how to be an effective communicator and how to strengthen their relationship with your parents and siblings (Value: Priceless)


You also get the following BONUSES:

  1. A 90 Day Action Plan (Value: $27)
  2. Six Post Program Implementation Tips to help maximise the learnings after the event (Value $27)
  3. A ticket to our Virtual Summit (Value: $249)
  4. A copy of our Health and Nutrition Section from Empower U presented by our Empower U Nutritionist, Dee Zibara (Value: $197)
  5. A copy of the best selling book, The World At Your Feet, written by Brent Williams and Dale Beaumont (Value: $27)
  6. $200 discount to Empower U (Value: $200)

Total Value = $1,521

Today’s Price = $57

What Parents Have to Say…

What Participants Have to Say…

Virtual Empower U Details


Saturday 30 October 2021




Your Living Room


Normally $249,

get your ticket for only $57 **

**Available for the first 20 tickets only


What Participants Say About our Virtual Events

Ready to see your child succeed?


Is Empower U Right for My Child?

The Empower U program is for every child and young adult between the ages of 13 – 25 who wants an advantage in life … who wants better school or university results, better communication skills, better finances, more motivation and direction … everyone who wants to get ahead in any way.

What if my child doesn’t want to come?

We are used to many parents facing resistance from their child when it comes to attending Empower U. This is nothing unusual, and it often happens because their child doesn’t fully understand the value of the program…yet! In this instance, we recommend being a parent first, and a friend second. Many parents ‘force’ their kids to attend, but ironically, these are usually the participants that end up getting the most out of the weekend!

Is there anything me or my child needs to know before attending?

Other than the logistical details of the program (start times, venue location, attire and graduation) just know that this is going to be a once in a life-time experience. As long as you/your child comes along open minded, excited and have a willingness to participate, the program will take care of the rest.

Can parents/guardians sit in on the seminar?

No. It is important that the participants go through this journey on their own. If a parent is there it can be a massive distraction and do more harm than good. However, if you join our Facebook group – Parenting Teens Australia – we share various parts of the program for you to understand the methodology behind the program and how it is relevant to not only your child but also yourselves.

What qualifications do you have to run the program?

For over two decades Brent has worked with top achievers from all walks of life. He has discovered what makes them successful and what they do differently to get the results they do. Using these methods, he created the Empower U program. Brent has spent the last 20 years mentoring and educating teenagers and young adults to help them succeed.

Give Your Teens an Unfair Advantage

Emotional Intelligence


  • Learning to take accountability, responsibility, and ownership for your decisions and behaviours.
  • Understanding how to change your thoughts to ultimately influence your results.
  • Discovering how to manage your emotions through physiology, language, and focus.
  • Understanding the effect that your subconscious thoughts can have on your emotions.


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Goal Setting


  • Learning the importance of goal setting in achieving success
  • Understanding how goal setting can give you a sense of direction for your future
  • Learning to set SMART long, medium, and short term goals
  • Gaining the commitment to achieve goals

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Money and Finance


  • Gaining the knowledge to build wealth to leverage time as a young adult for your future.
  • Understanding financial terminology and types of investments Learning the 3 Steps to financial freedom.
  • Understanding the difference between positive and negative gearing Learning how to harness alternative investment strategies to build your wealth.


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Communication Skills


  • Understanding how your words, tone, and body language impacts how we communicate.
  • Learning how to be an effective communicator to improve teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Discovering the strategies and importance of building rapport.
  • Understanding how to ask quality questions to build strong relationships in almost every situation.


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Family and Relationships


  • Understanding the importance of gratitude and the positive impact it can have on your mental health.
  • Learning how to create a positive environment through those you surround yourself with to nurture your wellbeing.
  • Discovering how to strengthen your relationship with your parents and siblings.


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Healthy Technology Habits


  • Understanding how to avoid social media and technology addiction.
  • Learning the effects of social media and technology on our mental health.
  • Developing healthy habits around social media and technology use.
  • Learning how to harness the positive aspects of social media and technology and minimise the negative effects it can have.

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