Success of the Month: Lachie Day

Lachie Day, 19 years old

When you first attended Empower U:

I first attended Empower U back in May 2016 in Sydney. I was going through a bit of a tough time and my mum, after seeing Empower U promoted on Facebook, thought it would be a positive experience for me, to try and break through a few barriers.


Your recent successes/ what you have done with your life:

In May of 2017, I packed up my life and flew to Boston (USA) after I had been offered a scholarship to study a bachelor of Music (Performance – Jazz Trumpet) at Berklee College of Music. Since moving, I have completed 1 semester, and will be moving into my second semester in September. This oportunity has been a once in a lifetime experience which has truly given me so so many paths to some incredible experiences and many very talented people. Hopefully this is the start of something much much greater!


Best memory from Empower U:

Choosing my best memory from Empower U is so insanely difficult. The program is designed to keep you engaged every second. From the life-long friends, to the incredible values and lessons taught to us, it’s so difficult to decide! My experiences of growth, realisation, love, emotion and learning more, not only about yourself, but many learning more of the world around you! The experiences I had at Empower U are some of the most important experiences for me in my life so far!

I am sorry, but I cannot narrow it down to a single memory!


What lesson have you implemented the most?

I have two lessons in particular which play a massive role in my life!

1) To face fears and difficulties head on. In my experiences so far with being here in the USA, I have been faced with fear every single day! To pack up and move to a new country in which I know absolutely no-one, is something which scared me insane amounts before coming here. I felt that fear and nerves, but I did it anyway with no hesitation, because I know after overcoming something so massive, it would push me to be able to experience more and more every day, with a triumph that if I can do that, there shouldn’t be many things that I cannot gain the courage to do!

2) When introducing myself to anyone over in this incredible walk of life that I am on, I sit and remember a very important lesson that was taught to me by Brent.

– “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

I implement this lesson ever day of my life. To ask about someone, in a genuine manor mind you, is the key to gaining life long friends and colleagues!


How did the program impact your life?

My experiences at Empower U continue to teach me new things every single day! I still aim, in all aspects of my life, to really live above the line and to show others what it is like to live with that goal. I try and use my experiences to teach and show other people around me about the many things that I’ve learned. The lessons have helped me to get to where I am, without a doubt!! Not only that, but the lifelong friends are still some of the most wonderful people in my life!


What would you say to someone thinking of attending?

To anyone thinking, it’s fair enough to think… But thinking doesn’t get you anywhere! It’s action which really makes the change! To think and to dream in life is a start, to dream and aim high is a wonderful quality to have, but to really see that change is to get up and act upon your thoughts!

This program can make you think this way entirely, but you have to have to have to make that conscious decision yourself! (p.s. do it 😉 )


What advice would you give to young people trying to better themselves?

To better yourself is a strange way to look at your own goals… I feel that admiring what you have and trying to continue forward employing your success and mindset is a more appropriate focus for young people! To look at “bettering” is to focus on someone or something that is better in comparison to you, which I believe is a negative and unhealthy way of life. But, to change that view completely and focus on your past success and trying to recreate that in many aspects, not only acknowledges and validates you, but it also keeps your focus forward!

Why do you think a windscreen is so much larger than a rear view mirror…?


What has been your greatest lesson in life so far?

“Life is like a mountain range, the harder the climb is, the more breathtaking the view will be from the top!”

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