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About the Program


Are you ready to take your student’s education to the next level?

The Empower U Schools Program is designed to energize, educate and motivate your students, helping them to gain a sense of direction for their future, the confidence to achieve their goals and build a success-driven mindset.

For over 20 years, Brent has been working with teenagers and adults in over 6 countries to deliver the same education that’s propelled some of the world’s most influential people like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins to success.


“Brent’s passion for success was infectious. I loved that he brought success down from an abstract, unachievable concept to something that we could all have. Brent’s talk made me feel more confident in my own ability to lead and helped me see the value in being lead. His humor and genuine love for life, made his talk one of the best I’ve seen.”
Amanda, School Captain

All Saints Catholic College

“I have seen Brent work his magic with students. He has a vibrancy and enthusiasm that is contagious and people just want to hear what he has to say and put into action the things he suggests. I have been inspired beyond belief at the changes I have seen. He helps students be who they want to be… and more!”
Kate VanderVoort

Former CEO Discovery Australia

“I am always sceptical when a ‘motivational speaker’ comes to school. However Brent’s presentation to the year group was nothing short of amazing. His energy is infectious and his impact on the students was something I have never seen before. The best part of Brent’s presentation was that he is extremely relatable and seems to know how to communicate with students to get his messages across.”
Dean Burello

School Captain, Rosebank College, Fivedock

“Brent has been presenting to my students for quite some time now. His impact on the school community has been immense. The girls walk away feeling so inspired but more importantly have practical tools and strategies to implement into their lives. I only wish every school could have the same opportunity to hear Brent speak. He is truly a one of a kind.”
Sr Fidelis McTeigue Principal

Marist Sisters College, Woolwich


Every year group is different. Some students struggle more with motivation, others with communication skills, or lack of direction. To help maximise the shorter time frame with the student, you can choose the option your students will most benefit from

OPTION 1: Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

This keynote will light a fire under your students to help them make the most of their time at school. If your students need motivation and drive to excel, Brent will address the following:

  • It is never too late to turn things around
  • How to build resilience and never give up
  • The importance of doing what you love
  • Not comparing yourself to others
  • It’s not about your results, but how you got there and what you’ll do moving forward

OPTION 2: Find your feet fast ideal (for year 7 students)

This keynote will help your Year 7 Students discover the 4 biggest traps that they can face making them susceptible to peer pressure, and falling into bad habits. Brent will address

  • How to develop and maintain good friendships and support networks
  • The power of discipline
  • Organizational and time management skills to help you get ahead and stay ahead
  • How to step outside your comfort zone to be the best version of yourself

OPTION 3: The Power of Effective Communication

Communication is certainly one of the most important skills you can develop and will be a direct reflection of your students’ success in life. In this workshop, Brent will address:

  • The importance of tone and body language
  • 3 powerful principles to effective communication to drive your success
  • How social media and technology is stunting our communication skills and how we can counteract this
  • How to develop healthy habits around technology for our own mental and physical wellbeing

 Investment: $1200 + GST


This 1-Day ‘experience based learning’ workshop will have your students revved up and ready to conquer the world. It is a high energy interactive day which Brent can tailor to schools specific needs and wants. The flow of the day is based on Brent’s best selling book, “The World at Your Feet”, which outlines the 7 Keys to Success Formula

It is likely that your students currently have 3 MAJOR ISSUES:

  1. STRESS. Being a teenager is an emotional time regardless, let alone all the added stress from exams. There is so much pressure at home for students to do well in year 11 & 12, and often that pressure leads to overwhelm, and students just shut down to avoid it.
  2. POOR SELF MANAGEMENT. Many students also find self-management hard, and aren’t able to focus. Understanding what teenagers are thinking and feeling throughout this crucial time is the key.
  3. THEY WON’T LISTEN TO YOU. They just need to knuckle down for the last 12 – 18 months. A solid effort now can easily increase their ATAR by 5-10 points. Of course, you try telling them that and they just don’t listen.

Sometimes they just need to hear it from someone different. Surveys have showed that most students would rather listen to advice from someone who is either young and relatable, experienced and successful, or entertaining as well as informative. Schools such as Scotts College, Marist Sisters, or Pymble Ladies College, to name a few, get Brent in when they want to give their students an edge. Isn’t it time your students got the same advantage to kick start their year?

The 7 Keys to Success will be the difference that makes the difference for your students as Brent outlines tried and tested methods for academic and life success.

Investment: $2500 + GST


The Empower U Experience will change your students’ life in the most amazing way imaginable. The production team who guarantee a great experience creates the ideal learning environment. With laser lights, giant speakers and video screens this event is a must for schools who are looking for a real once in a lifetime experience. Below is a detailed outline of what is covered over the event.


We begin with a few fun games and activities to get the participants comfortable with the program and each other. Sharing a few simple concepts around comfort zones, teamwork and responsibility, setting the scene for more complex material. In this section, we explain how comfort zones, though initially designed to protect us, can be dangerous by ruling our lives and limiting our self-belief. Also, we discuss the essential elements to teamwork and why it is vital to success as well as the importance of taking responsibility and it’s direct relation to success.

Belief Systems

This section is about recognising what beliefs are and why they are important. We address how beliefs are formed and the way in which we, as human beings can either hold onto them or let them go. Participants come to realize that we may have some beliefs that don’t serve us anymore. By building strong and self-empowering beliefs and choosing to recognise what beliefs serve us and what don’t, students learn that they can take control and ownership of their outcomes, actions, and decisions. Some points we cover on Belief Systems include:

  • How an individual’s personality is formed
  • The different types of beliefs we can have and where they come from
  • How we can break down old negative beliefs and how to install new, positive and empowering beliefs to set you up for success in life.


This is certainly one of the more tangible sections of the program and one that is taken very seriously. We go through a lot of powerful goal setting techniques but also the science behind how the techniques actually work. This section has been found to be extremely valuable to the participants that are engaged in the program, as it requires a lot more focus and input. The major points we cover on Goals are:

  • Why true goal setting isn’t taught at school and the secret behind this amazing skill
  • Why all successful people state that goals are the fundamental groundwork to anyone achieving success
  • The 7 secret steps to goal setting and the SMART System
  • How to maintain focus, certainty and direction with your goals when times are tough and things can seem to be overwhelming

Career Guidance

This section ties in everything taught over the weekend to demonstrate how each skill can be implemented in the selection of and action within their career choice. We also share some key ideas and principles about mindset and attitude with regards to careers including:

  • The changing economic climate and how you can take advantage of it
  • The importance of modelling when pursuing a career and how to do it
  • The 6 steps to career success and reaching the top of any career fast

Breaking Barriers

This process is certainly one of the highlights of the program and something that we take very seriously. It is based around the idea that a wooden board represents all of the negative things or experiences that have/are affecting you and all of the things that you want to be, do and have. One side is negative the other being positive. The key to the board break’s emotional impact is the leverage that we create leading up to the process. This way the participant is so emotionally connected to what’s on the board as opposed to it being just a physical challenge. The major points we cover are:

  • How to identify any limiting beliefs and discover what beliefs you need to have to achieve the success you want
  • How to tap into your inner strength and break through anything that may be holding you back

The participants will walk away from the Empower U Experience with two things: an absolute certainty and belief within themselves that they can achieve anything and the tools and strategies to take that belief and take immediate action as they are now equipped to achieve what it is they want.

Investment: $4000 + GST


At Empower U, we believe personal development should be an integral part of every young person’s education. That’s why each year, we are proud to award over


in scholarships and grants to schools and individuals within the community.

As part of your school’s package with Empower U, your school will have access to 10 scholarships (Valued at $5500) to send students along to the weekend Empower U Program in the city of their choice each time we visit your school.

Our scholarship program is the difference that makes the difference for so many of our young people. Whether they are struggling socially, or academically, or really excelling across the board, the Empower U Program is designed to take them to the next level and help them reach their full potential.


Emotional Intelligence


  • Learning to take accountability, responsibility, and ownership for your decisions and behaviours.
  • Understanding how to change your thoughts to ultimately influence your results.
  • Discovering how to manage your emotions through physiology, language, and focus.
  • Understanding the effect that your subconscious thoughts can have on your emotions.


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Goal Setting


  • Learning the importance of goal setting in achieving success
  • Understanding how goal setting can give you a sense of direction for your future
  • Learning to set SMART long, medium, and short term goals
  • Gaining the commitment to achieve goals

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Money and Finance


  • Gaining the knowledge to build wealth to leverage time as a young adult for your future.
  • Understanding financial terminology and types of investments Learning the 3 Steps to financial freedom.
  • Understanding the difference between positive and negative gearing Learning how to harness alternative investment strategies to build your wealth.


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Communication Skills


  • Understanding how your words, tone, and body language impacts how we communicate.
  • Learning how to be an effective communicator to improve teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Discovering the strategies and importance of building rapport.
  • Understanding how to ask quality questions to build strong relationships in almost every situation.


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Family and Relationships


  • Understanding the importance of gratitude and the positive impact it can have on your mental health.
  • Learning how to create a positive environment through those you surround yourself with to nurture your wellbeing.
  • Discovering how to strengthen your relationship with your parents and siblings.


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Healthy Technology Habits


  • Understanding how to avoid social media and technology addiction.
  • Learning the effects of social media and technology on our mental health.
  • Developing healthy habits around social media and technology use.
  • Learning how to harness the positive aspects of social media and technology and minimise the negative effects it can have.

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