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Since our inception in October 2001, our aim as an organisation has always been to fill in the gaps in young people’s education to equip them with the best tools and strategies for success which are not always focused on in schools. Almost two decades later, I am proud to say we have delivered on that commitment and more. It is with this in mind that I have some very exciting news to share with you all. One of my mentors and dear friends, Michael Adamedes, has agreed to work with us on a very special one-day event called Mind Matters. 

In this first ever Mind Matters event Michael Adamedes will be working with the mind of a personality. How has your perspective in life been conditioned? How do you get stuck in certain ways of behaving and feeling. Fundamentally when you begin to understand the personality and how it has been conditioned, there are three basic negative beliefs we get stuck with. 

Michael Adamedes speaking at the 5-Day Camp


The first one is the feeling unworthy and with that unworthiness comes the category of belief. It goes from a feeling of “I’m not good enough” to “I lack capability, I’m incapable” and the compensatory behaviour is to be perfect or to try and be perfect, to always be trying to fix things and be perfect with them, rather than accepting and allowing things to be.

The second one is feeling unsafe, with that feeling ranging from mildly anxious to having a panic attack. The thing that occurs with feeling unsafe is people try to control things, and always try to have things be or happen in a certain way.

The third one is being alone, and being alone means not being connected, or feeling a sense that you don’t belong, or you shouldn’t be here. Being alone is where people can stand in a crowded room with lots of people, and still feel as though they don’t belong. The compensatory behaviour is being compulsive and addictive. We feel as though we want to destruct ourselves from the present moment, thinking thoughts such as “I can’t be here”, “I want to eat things”, “I want to drink things”, “I want to be constantly engaged”, because for our mind, being still and/or quiet is too anxious.

Essentially, the whole day is about understanding what your negative beliefs are, how is your mind being conditioned, what are the limitations, and how you can release them and let go and become the observer of your own conditioning, the observer of your own mind. This day will be incredibly profound, and highly practical, so I hope you can join us for this very special day.

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To hear Michael Adamedes speak about Mind Matters, click on the video below.

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