Liz Butler

Liz Butler, 30 years old

When did you first attend Empower U:



My highlight from the program:

Would have definitely been the section on career and following a recipe – Chocolate cake example and I still use that in my business today ! and thats 10 years on.


Recent Success:

Started my own business at 19 and was the only Executive Manager in my field driving a company car with P plates , been able to travel all over the world with my husband due to the success with my business which I put down to alot of the skills I learnt and APPLIED from the Empower U Program over 11 years ago. Married to a beautiful man and now financially independent at the age of 30 and can be a full time mummy, and live the life I imagine when I first did my dream board at Empower U when I was only 18.


Lessons I have implemented the most:

* Chocolate cake concept – Follow a plan
* Dream Book – I also use this for women in my business all the time
* Money Management Skills – Its not what you earn its what you do with what you earn
* Close Quote from the seminar still sticks with me today – Youll have to attend to see what it is !!!!!!


What would I say to someone wanting to attend:

“What have you got to lose ? ”


Advice to other young people:

Be around people who raise you up , who encourage your with your goals and dream and be around DOERS people that actually do what they say they are going to do !!!


Biggest lesson in life so far:

When you get knocked down or get a rejection particularly in business just get back up and KEEP going , something better always ends up being around the corner.
“Living the life of your dreams = Doing what you want , when you want with who you want ”

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