Lauren Yeates

Lauren Yeates, 20 Years Old

When you first attended Empower U:

July 2010


Your recent Success/ What have you done with your life:

I now have my own radio show at SWRFM and also work at my dream company, 2DayFM.


Best memory from Empower U:

I could never put my finger on just one memory at Empower U. The whole program is a one of my inspiring memories. If I had to choose just one section of the program, then the memory of it all wouldn’t be the same. You have to experience every segment, otherwise you will miss the great journey that Brent Williams takes you on with Empower U.


Which lesson have you implemented the most?

The ‘comfort zone’ section. That lesson resonated with me the most because I was extremely shy growing up.


How did the program impact your life?

The Empower U program changed my life for the better. As I said before, I was really shy before Empower U. I would always sit at the back of the class at school and wouldn’t put my hand up to answer a question. I cared too much about what other people thought of me, and I didn’t follow my heart. The program opened me up and made me realise what I really wanted in life. I started a bucket list and a vision board, and I promised myself that my future would be filled with my dreams. I now don’t quit until I reach my goals. I know what I want in life, thanks to Empower U, and I don’t settle for anything less.


What would you say to someone thinking of attending?

Just do it! If you are unsure about going, just do it anyway. No matter what your reason is for not wanting to go, just try it out for at least one day. If you don’t like it, well you only wasted a day of your life. But if you fall in love with the program like I did, your life will change for the better. You will be happy and will not regret going. You will make life-long friends and will carry away with you lessons that will make you so successful in life, whether you want to be rich or just happy within yourself.

If one of the reasons for not wanting to go is because you don’t know anyone, just do it anyway. Step outside your comfort zone. I didn’t know anyone going to Empower U the first time and I was terrified, but it was the best decision I EVER made. It changed my life and I even got some incredible friends out of the process.


What advice would you give other young people trying to better themselves?

Forget everyone else’s opinions and only follow your heart. Your heart will never steer you wrong. Go for your dreams, and NEVER quit. All dreams are possible when you work hard for them.


What has been your biggest lesson in life so far?

I have learnt so much over the past few years. From being myself no matter what, forgetting other opinions and a big lesson was that ‘my past doesn’t equal my future’. But I think my biggest lesson has to be ‘always follow my heart’. You are only truly happy when you accomplish something that your heart wanted.

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