Finally… a seminar for all the parents

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This has definitely been a long time in the making and after years of requests from Mums and Dads to run something for them too, that day has now come. Having said that it is important to note that I have actually been running adult events since 2010 and have run them for thousands of adults in every major city across Australia.

At those events many of the participants asked me what was the difference between running events for teenagers versus adults. I have found that with teenagers you need to overcome a lot of resistance to get them interested and engaged in what you have to say. However once you do they fly and don’t have so much “stuff” holding them back. Whereas adults are much more willing participants from he get go (which was a breath of fresh air for me) however because they have been carrying their own “stuff” for so long they find it harder to take that leap in making big changes. In any case I personally loved running the adult events I have found that I can dive much deeper into content and ideas which, as a presenter, is the most exciting part of what I do.

In February 2015 I will be running the first ever BreakFree Experience in Sydney. I am hoping that many Mums and Dads who have sent their children through Empower u over the years will come along. I am also hoping that a lot of the original graduates who attended Empower U over a decade ago will come back to experience a live event with me again.

Because this is the first one and I intend on filming testimonials amongst other things I wanted to make the decision to come along as easy as possible. This 1-day event is going to retail for $375 however for this first and only time it will only be $195 to attend. For those that are interested simply go to the below webpage and register your interest.


Alternatively you can send an email to bookings@theBreakFreeExperience.com.au and I can send you the details. Below are some photos of one of my adult events for over 300 participants back in 2011.

Yours in Success,

Brent Williams

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