Deedee Zibara

Deedee Zibara, 22 years old

When you first attended Empower U:

In year 10, but I when I found out I had the opportunity to do it twice I did!


Your recent Success/ What have you done with your life:

I have recently moved overseas to London, which I never even crossed my mind to do, after having lived in country Ireland for 4 months. I’ve won 3 beauty pageants in the last 2 years. One international and 2 national. I was the first of my siblings to tough it out on my own by moving out even though I was the third oldest. And now I am an internationally qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader, where I can closely work with people from all over the world to help their lives improve dramatically.


Best memory from Empower U:

Being able to dance around like a kid again, (in front of adults.) I still do that now, and the happiness it gives me is wonderfully infectious.


Which lesson have you implemented the most?

That anything you achieve WILL be achieved outside your comfort zone. Anything you have done has led you to what you already have, and you must often feel uncomfortable and vulnerable to achieve the greatest feats.


How did the program impact your life?

It continues to do so. After being introduced to the concepts of Empower U I became an avid reader of self-help, health/fitness and success books. Books can change your life and every time I read one it continues to mould my perspective of life.


What would you say to someone thinking of attending?

Do not hesitate. You have nothing to lose. Even if you happen to disagree with some ideas, that will also help to develop you as a person because it will spark your curiosity of an idea – which is the ultimate aim of Tomorrow’s Youth anyway!


What advice would you give other young people trying to better themselves?

Don’t stop trying to improve and “invest” in yourself. You are your greatest asset – not your ability to play sport, or look pretty, or lift weights. Besides, you will constantly be trying to better yourself every single day for the rest of your life. This is the way it should be because eventually you will get to a stage where helping yourself means helping others and that just might change the world.


What has been your biggest lesson in life so far?

You will always have obstacles holding you back from things you want to do. They will ALWAYS teach you something new. They are a blessing not a curse, so don’t stop just because there’s a small bump in the road – when you get to the other side, all that will matter is that you finally got there.

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