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Oftentimes, parents struggle to get their teenagers along to Empower U, and in some cases, simply won’t send their children because they refuse to go because they might have a negative perception of the program, or have weekend sport etc.

Here’s the thing… most teenagers don’t know what they don’t know… Meaning, that they don’t know what benefits the program offers, and how positive the experience could be. Here’s what one lovely parent wrote to us about her experience sending him teenager to the Empower U program.


“I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team. Both kids had an AMAZING weekend and learnt more than they could have imagined. Liam was particularly cross when I told him he was attending the Empower U weekend. He was complaining that he would be the youngest, it was aimed at much older kids, it would be a waste of time and, worst of all, it meant he would miss trampoline training! I had, of course, done lots of research into you and your program. I had seen so many positive reviews and comments such as “life-changing” and “different child” which I took with a fair degree of scepticism.”

“But I could not believe it when on Sunday night, I was the one taking home a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHILD! His sense of entitlement had disappeared, he was “present” and connected. He was mindful of the actions and feelings of those around him. And best of all, he was motivated and focused on his goals. When I mentioned as an aside something about a “part-time  job”, he stopped me short saying “Mum, I already know what my part-time job will be!”. In fact, he is very clear about his future full-time careers too. Today he came home from school and told me that he sat up the front in every class so he could focus (he and his mates usually hang out down the back). He told me he put up his hand to ask and answer questions. And he told his mates about his awesome experiences on the weekend. He also came straight in from school and started doing homework – no headphones/no music/no procrastinating. He even started on an assignment that hadn’t even been given out yet! I was BLOWN AWAY!”

“Liam is super keen to attend camp but, more than that, the most appealing bonus that you offered was 4 free revisits to Empower U. I think in his mind, this was potentially more valuable than the camp! He is keen to continue to attend your events and learn more.”

“As I said on Monday, I can’t believe that you can’t fill a seminar with 200 kids every weekend of the year!! I wish you all the very best moving forward and know that you are changing the lives of children for the better!”


Warm Regards,

Annemarie Christie

Clinical Director

The Children’s Doctor

For more information about the Empower U Program, as well as upcoming dates and enrolment, head to www.tomorrowsyouth.com.au/empoweru

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