5-DAY CAMP was an overwhelming Success


When I started Tomorrows Youth all the way back in October of 2001 I had a vision to enlighten todays youth by teaching them life skills not focused on in school. The first was a weekend program where I would take teenagers from all kinds of backgrounds and give them an experience that would illuminate their mind, challenges some of their preconceived ideas on their life and future. We launched the Empower U program in July of 2002 and the rest is history when it comes to that. 23,000 teenagers in 6 countries and counting have gone through Empower U and it continues to achieve amazing results for all that attend.


However it was only natural graduates from Empower U would want to continue on their journey of personal growth and self discovery. That lead us to launch the 5-Day Empower U CAMP in January of 2004. It was always intended to be a huge jump for the weekend experience. Primarily because the only participants that would be allowed to attend the Camp were graduates who had gone through the weekend experience. The level of commitment therefore was unparalleled.


On January the 10th, 2016, at 4pm we began what was to be the 11th Camp in our history. 47 participants from around the country came together for a week of self discovery, mental growth and amazing breakthroughs. While I cannot go into details about the experience itself I did want to share some thoughts from graduates who attended and some photos to give you an insight into what an incredible experience this is. I still feel that after all of these years we are the best kept secret around. Please share this information with anyone you know who has teenage children. What a great start to 2016 it would be if every teenager had the opportunity (whether they saw it as that or not) to experience Empower U for themselves.


Dale Beaumont from Business Blueprint sharing his wisdom and teaching them Goal Setting Techniques


Dear Brent,

The moment I finished my first 2 and a half-day program, I knew the camp was something I needed to do. As cliché as it sounds, Empower U changed my life forever. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about and implement the lessons I’ve learnt from the program and I knew that camp was going to push me even further to be the best version of myself. After eventually convincing my parents and almost a year of saving all my dollars, the 5-day camp came around…

I had very high expectations of the camp, and of myself. I knew that it was going to be an incredible week and so I set the bar high. Apparently, I didn’t set it high enough… The 5-day camp completely pole-vaulted my expectations and I came out the other side feeling absolutely on top of the world. There really are no words that could adequately describe just how incredible those 5 days are because in order to truly understand the highs, lows, and lessons of the camp, you need to experience it.

So, if you are on the fence about attending camp, or a little unsure, please PLEASE take the plunge. Don’t let excuses hold you back from an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Camp is a big commitment and you may have to make some sacrifices, but the rewards will pay you back ten fold. Empower U changed my life… The 5-day flipped it upside down. But to be honest… it’s a better view from here.

Ishana Pilger


IMG_8125Owen Matheson was one of the Business Plan judges and a real inspiration to everyone


Dear Brent,

If I thought the 2-day Empower U program was awesome, then the 5-day Camp was S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R.  For me personally, I was very unsure about coming to this camp and how much it would really affect me in my day-to-day lifestyle. But like many, I jumped out of my comfort zone and gave in 110% during the whole 6 days – which is something that I will NEVER regret. The rest of the camp they say is history. By the end, I learnt so many crucial and significant lessons that really changed the way in which I approached my life. Not only that but I developed so many meaningful, loving and long-term relationships with my peers.

Everyday, the camp atmosphere was electrifying and the people at the camp were so enthusiastic, caring and most important of all – they were being true to themselves. This is a place and time where you can do anything, dream anything and achieve anything as long as you give it your all and really believe in yourself that is something in which many schools do not teach. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has done the 2-day Empower U program, who is not afraid of change and who is willing to step out of their comfort zone. Although it may seem very clichéd, I must re-iterate that this truly was a LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE.”

Once again, I cannot thank you enough and how you’ve really changed my life Brent. I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to attend such an amazing and life-changing camp 🙂

Thank you Brent.


Peter Hoang


IMG_8145One of the highlights of the camp was Michael Adamedes and his Dynamic Meditation. A very intense and emotional process for everyone 


Dear Brent,

There are not many words to describe the 5 day Empower U camp. Some that might come to mind are; amazing, life changing, impactful and motivational. This camp for me was 110% the best experience of my life. I enjoyed it so much and I am sure everyone else that has ever done it would say the same. They don’t tell you much about the camp itself and what you do while you’re there. Even if your expectations are extremely high, this camp will blow those expectations out of the water. This camp has most definitely changed my life FOREVER.

The 2 day Empower U was nothing compared to this experience, and that says something. Because I know that nearly everyone that does the 2 day Empower U will say so many amazing things about it. To be honest after doing 2 Empower U’s and 1 Camp, I think there’s only 1 person who didn’t really enjoy it or want to come back.

One of the reasons the 5 day camp is so amazing and impactful, is because you build so many quality relationships with so different types of people, no matter who you are. For example, I’m 14 and someone who I consider to be my “best friend” of the camp was 16 nearly 17. The age difference meant to nothing to anyone. You could talk to everyone and no one would judge you. One of the people who I felt most comfortable around was an adult, mostly because I know they’ve been through a lot, and I had too.

Everyone at the camp wants to be there, and everyone has also had their problems. So you won’t be judged for who you are, which is so amazing because I don’t get that very often. I’m the type of person who got picked on and no one really liked me. But at this camp I feel so comfortable about everyone.

Gus Grgic



Adam, Bronte and Karla were a part of our assist team… where is Mel? They were outstanding


Dear Brent,

For me the camp was definitely the most fabulous, life changing thing I have ever done in my life. it was super fun and very emotional at times too. It just felt so amazing to be in an environment where I felt free to go all out crazy and be who I want to be without judgment from others. Dance sessions (and mosh pits), well they were so intense, definitely a highlight for me. all the other kids/young adults are all so enthusiastic, energetic, and supportive which just raises the energy of the camp x10.

After finishing the camp I feel so free from whatever emotions or mindsets that were holding me back and I look at the world from a completely different perspective now. the guest speakers were so inspiring and Chris Gray’s Lamborghini was pretty sweet too. Overall, going to the camp was the best decision I ever made, I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone interested in going. It has certainly changed my life forever and I am so grateful to Brent for doing what he does, Brent, you are so amazing and thankyou so much for being awesome and inspiring me to do amazing things with my life.

lots of love,

Liam Christie


IMG_8375The TRUMP… Lets just say that when this hat is on things got very intense very quickly


Dear Brent,

I attended EmpowerU for the first time in October 2015 knowing very little about the seminar. In Those 2.5 days I learnt more than I could have possibly imagined from the program. Keen to learn more I signed up for the 5-day camp in January 2016.
The 5-days I spent with Brent Williams and the 47 new family members were the best five days out of the 6397 I’ve spent on Earth. Our bodies were pushed to its limits and our emotions were pushed even further. It was an amazing experience filled with moments of love, care, and brutal honesty. I learnt and grew so much in those five days but I can say with honesty that I could go back next year without hesitation and learn just as much or even more.
To anyone reading this that hasn’t heard of EmpowerU I would I highly recommend it without thinking twice. It is a life changing experience and shifted my perception of myself and others.

Aydin Ucan


IMG_8505Games are a reflection of life and the Camp had plenty of Games to challenge participants in many ways


Dear Brent,

After just returning from the 5 day empower U camp I can safely say it was the best experience of my life. Throughout the camp my emotions and body were pushed to the absolute max and I learnt valuable lessons that will stay with me for life. The camp was the most intense, difficult, beautiful, heart warming experience I have ever had. The people were so beautiful. I have grown so much as a person and watched those around me into absolutely incredible people. I want to go back again again and again continue to soak up the valuable lessons that I learned and will continue to learn. To anyone that is on the fence about Empower U or hasn’t heard of it research it an do it as it is absolutely life changing and it will shift your perceptions of yourself an the world around you dramatically

Kirsty Barrett


12509584_1104696039570959_2184286525260962041_n (1)The Campers loved Chris Gray’s property talk… and his Lambo too


Dear Brent,

I first discovered Tomorrow’s Youth in 2013, and between then and March 2015 I’d done three single day programs and over this there was a slow learning curve, and then I tried Empower U throughout 2015 which was a bit steeper. Having done Empower U I decided that the camp would be the next logical step. But I didn’t quite realise what I was getting myself into.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.20.58 PM

The single day programs and the weekends had left me with an idea of where I wanted to go in life, and some possible strategies to get there.

The best thing about the camp however is that it gave many more questions, why do you want to get there? Where will you go next? But most importantly, Where are you now? This was a question that I’d often dismissed assuming i’d known the answer, but even though it was eventually me that found it, it wasn’t me that led myself there.

The Camp has the potential it has because there are fifty likeminded people there to support each other. But this only works because we all started at similar points due to prior experiences we’d had at Empower U. So I’d recommend this experience to anyone who has completed the Empower U weekend, if they are sure they want to.

Connor Green


For the first time in our history we will be running two camps in a year. Our next 5-Day Camp will be held on the 3rd to 8th July this year. It should be noted that there are only 7 spots left as the other 41 are taken already.

thumb_IMG_8016_1024I am blessed to be able to do this work for a living and constantly be inspired by our Youth

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