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What a whirl wind week it has been. Seminars in Ballina, Canberra and Melbourne. If this week has reinforced anything for me it is that this information is so powerful and more importantly than that, it is so needed at this age. As more schools and local community groups are getting behind Tomorrows Youth and the Empower U program I am as confident as ever about getting this out to more and more teenagers across Australia.

If you have a teenager or know of one make it a must to get them to the next Empower U program in September. I feel that there is a real movement starting to happen and the earlier young people get exposed to this kind of information the greater their chances of finding success and happiness in their lives.

So many young people that I see are resistant at first. Anything out of your comfort zone is generally met with that response. However the power of the ideas and information contained in Empower U breaks down the barriers of resistance super fast. In a matter of hours participants are not only engaged but are participating way out of their comfort zone. You know sometimes I pinch myself at these events as I can be overwhelmed by the shifts and changes that I see.

At the end of the day everyone wants to be confident, well balanced happy people. Sometimes they just need to look at things differently and be challenged. That is what I am passionate about continually doing.

With love and Respect

Brent Williams

Passionate advocate for the power of personal development

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EMPOWER U is an organisation that runs Advanced Life-Skills seminars for young people, including their internationally successful 2 Day Empower U Program, giving teenagers and young adults from around the world an opportunity to ‘leap-frog’ ahead of 96% of their peers.

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